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PhD thesis completed

Time for change.  Here’ll I’ll blog my academic activities (if any).  A last activity of my PhD was to upload my thesis to the Open University’s Open Research Online (ORO), which means anyone can download it.

You’d think the OU research office would ask for this as part of the completion procedure, because after all the OU offers excellent on-line access to its teaching material; as a post-grad I’ve had excellent on-line library access.  As part of the procedure you have to provide hard copies of your thesis and they have to be physically present in the OU library before the degree is conferred.  BUT, not on-line.  Odd that.


Hello academia!

Welcome to my new blog as a post doc.

I used to post elsewhere.  But

  1. That was for the PhD
  2. This is for life after the PhD.
  3. I need to blog for other reasons – hence their enumeration here.