The digital scholar

The Digital Scholar

The Digital Scholar

What is the digital scholar?

The digital scholar is a researcher and teacher who, dwelling on line, dares to demonstrate, disseminate and distribute debate.

If you follow the twitter hash tag #digitalscholar over the next few days you might find a few suggestions in anticipation of Martin Weller’s new book, The Digital Scholar.  Martin is holding  his book launch at the Open University on Tuesday.

Should a scholar blog?  Blogging allows speaking to the masses rather publishing in some peer-reviewed but perhaps little read and somewhat abtruse journal.  Some argue that blogging is not scholarly writing and so not worth reading and scholars should not blog because it’s hardly professional.  Frost however argues for blogging – it’s a different genre, but still worth writing.  When you read her blog, you realise she is indeed a digital scholar daring to face public criticism in order to share scholarhip with the masses.


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