Further analysis

You should be able to get three or four papers out of a PhD thesis, and PhD research provides rich data for further work beyond the PhD.  Now, with hindsight, I begin to see new trails to follow and analyse.

I’ve been re-analysing my PhD data to find where participants talked about strategy, because a recent advertisement for a research associate post asked for knowledge and research background in strategy.

My PhD looked at areas of IT and client-consultant relationships on IT projects, which meant that several participants mentioned IT strategy and how IT strategy might support overall strategy.  What is interesting from an initial analysis of my data is that

  1. first some people confused tactics with strategy, and
  2. secondly what roles those people had.

It is scary that it was the client managers that confused strategy, and worrying that these managers were in the public sector.

I’d like to investigate this area of strategy further, using discourse analysis to explain what I’m seeing.  First I’m going to have to revise what I know about discourse analysis, and it would  be nice if I could work with a professional academic who could share such knowledge, someone I could learn from.   One of my previous PhD colleagues did a lot of discourse analysis and I will ask her advice.   And perhaps my ex-supervisors will have some ideas too that we can talk over sometime.


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