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The university held its annual ‘Learn About’ fair, a selection of stalls and presentations showcasing the digital projects that the university has going.  Such projects include:

  • SocialLearn – going live in April
  • Learning systems such as Google apps for education and learning analytics
  • Mobile learning
  • Gaming in Education including the XDelia project
  • Podcasting
  • Library resources
  • Plagiarism checks
  • Securing greater accessibility

I see from the SocialLearn blog here, that research from the SocialLearn project will be contributing to the LAK conference in Canada in summer. Given that the OU is contributing so much, I found it slightly surprising, perhaps disturbing that when I visited the Learning Analytics stall there seemed little information cross-over .  The OU Learning Analytics stall was about developing the OU’s  IT data warehouse to enable more sophisticated learning analytics providing coherent information to enhance student retention and progression, improvement to learning design and the university’s ability to make more informed learning and teaching efficiencies.  That sounds like aiming at reducing costs and has more of the provider’s interests in mind than the learners.  David blogged here on the ethics of using data analysis like this.

What I couldn’t easily see was how my university was going to provide me with analytics about what my students are learning; I was told that it will provide me, but I’m still feeling sceptical. If the practice and theory parts of my university aren’t getting together, how can I believe a tutor will get learning analytics support?


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