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Finding early career researcher work

Research is fun and being an early career researcher seems to mean having a number of interesting part-time fixed term contracts, albeit along with a heavier tutoring load than when a PhD student.
As a qualitative researcher, contracts so far have included:
  • coding text
  • collecting interviews
  • coding and analysing interview transcripts.
Most recently, getting a proposal written and accepted took several months – no, I didn’t do it, but was lucky to be in a small team working on it, so I observed and learned what was happening, what questions were asked and how they were answered.  Now we start the investigation – older peoples’  participation in on-line communities.
It’s a small investigation with a limited budget over a short time span.   We’ve already planned and run a workshop with around a dozen participants.  How different that was from working alone on a PhD!  These participants came with experience in older adults, carers and caring, provision of laptops to families on benefits, and research experience in IT and in gerontology.   Within in three hours, we gained more information on how we might use our research resources than you’d get in six months as a PhD student.
If you know older people who use on-line communities (e.g.Twitter, Skype, a Ning community, Facebook, SocialLearn, Farmville),  please tell me.  Let’s share information because research is fun.