Specifying a performance palette

The JuxtaLearn project requires us to specify performance factors for video-making of tricky STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths) topics that students are learning. The idea is that first the teacher gives a lesson on the topic, and then the students collaboratively create a video to explain the topic themselves. So there’s this juxtaposition between the perceived dryness of STEM subjects and the creativity of performance. And the learning comes as they grapple with the concept, find the words – perhaps new words –  to explain it to each other, and to find a creative means of explaining it more widely in a performance format – i.e. a video.

So how do we set up a system to support a school or university in making such videos?  I shared initial ideas with colleagues (see the performance specification video at https://vimeo.com/82879649) and got some feedback.   After adapting slightly, I’ve uploaded  some ideas at slideshare.net at ….

Does this make sense to other readers?


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