Archive | February 2016

What are the best things about research?

Researching means you’re always learning and finding something new, and it’s something you’re passionate about.  You can become immersed in research; it’s your pastime, your passion. Weekend reading and writing isn’t work but something you want to do, that you relax with.  Being a researcher is not a superficial profession, but something that feeds your inquisitiveness, offering variety and something new.  You connect with the wider population when you write and publish and it’s great when you do get published because that’s affirmation of your work.  Your research answers questions and you ask new questions and get to change something.

Decades ago, a poem from DH Lawrence influenced my hopes for work.  It’s here in a blog called Ratiocinativa.

There is no point in work
unless it absorbs you
like an absorbing game.

If it doesn’t absorb you
if it’s never any fun,
don’t do it.

I’ve taught in a variety of places, programmed computers for several organisations and done voluntary work, but most of all, I enjoyed researching for my PhD – I’d almost do one again.  Now I enjoy researching with colleagues – the collaborative aspect makes the work even more enjoyable.  Lucky me.