List of peer-reviewed publications; please let me know and I can send you an electronic version of my thesis (or any paper for which there is no link below).

Journal Articles

Daniel, Elizabeth; Hartnett, Elizabeth and Meadows, Maureen (2016). Don’t throw rocks from the side-lines: A sociomaterial exploration of organizational blogs as boundary objects. Information Technology & People (In press).

ADAMS, A; HARTNETT, E and CLOUGH, G (2015). Turn it on its head! Juxtaposed Learning. Creative Education, 6(21) (In press).

HARTNETT, E., DANIEL, E. & HOLTI, R. (2012) ‘Client and consultant engagement in public sector IS projects’. International Journal of Information Management, 32, 307-317. [pdf]

Conference Papers

HARTNETT, E. J., MALZAHN, N. & GOLDSMITH , R. (2014) Sharing video making objects to create, reflect & learn. 9th European Conference on Technology Enhanced Learning (EC-TEL 2014), LVCS workshop. Graz, Austria, EC-TEL 2014.

ADAMS, A., HARTNETT, E., CLOUGH, G., GRAND, A. & GOLDSMITH, R. (2014) Artistic Participatory Video-Making for Science Engagement IN CHI (Ed.) CHI 2014 annual ACM SIGCHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Science Toronto, Canada.[pdf]

HARTNETT, E. J., DANIEL, E. M. & MEADOWS, M. (2014) Of Boundary Objects and Blogs: A Sociomaterial Exploration. The Role of the Business School in Supporting Economic and Social Development (BAM). Ulster Business School, Belfast, British Academy of Management.

HARTNETT, E., MINOCHA, S., PALMER, J., PETRE, M., EVANS, S., MIDDUP, C. P., DUNN, K., MURPHY, B., HEAP, T. & ROBERTS, D. (2013) Older people and online social interactions: an empirical investigation. UKAIS International Conference on Information Systems (UKAIS). Worcester College, University of Oxford.[pdf]

MINOCHA, S., HARTNETT, E., DUNN, K., EVANS, S., HEAP, T., MIDDUP, C. P., MURPHY, B. & ROBERTS, D. (2013) Conducting empirical research with older people. CHI-2013 Workshop: Designing for- and with – vulnerable people. Paris, France CHI.[pdf]


HARTNETT, E. J., MALZAHN, N. & RICK, G. (2014) Video performances juxtaposing science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) with creativity. 9th European Conference on Technology Enhanced Learning (EC-TEL 2014). Graz, Austria, EC-TEL 2014.

PhD Thesis

HARTNETT, E. J. (2011) Cycles of engagement : how public sector clients and their consultants engage on IT projects, Thesis (PhD) – Open University, Open University, [pdf]


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